The FOBO control board

FOBO is a bipedal robot designed by Jonathan Dowdall that is built from parts made on a 3d printer - in my case a Makerbot Replicator.

FOBO also needs eight servos, an Arduino Uno and a servo shield from Renbotics and it's the unavailability of this last part that prompted me to design this control board.

Jonathan thought it might be useful to others making FOBOs, so here's a detailed instruction set for building your own.  My Fobo works fine using it, but don't blame me if yours doesn't - I have no control over how you build it.  If you have any questions or need a bit more encouragement, email me on

The board also includes all the necessary bits from the Arduino cutting the cost of FOBO's electronics by over half. A quick count up showed that here in the UK, I could get all the components, including the FTDI USB breakout board for less than £20.

Here are the parts you'll need:

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